Service Fees

My rates are the best in town! How do I know? I shopped around to see what others were charging.

Q: Why are your rates so low, when other repair shops make a reasonable point about how you get what you pay for?

A: I work out of my home, and do not rent a storefront. Servicing computers is my second income, so I don’t need to charge top dollar.

In-Shop………………. $30.00 Per Hour of Labor
Residential On-Site $40.00 Per Hour of Labor
Business On-Site….. $50.00 Per Hour of Labor

This includes troubleshooting, diagnosis, consulting, installation, configuration, upgrades, repairs and time spent performing data recovery.

Basic Terms

A minimum of one hour will be charged, and all charges are in increments of one full hour. 

I charge for all time on-site, but in-shop, I only charge for the amount of time I spend actively working. 

For automated tasks in-shop, that do not require my constant attention, the clock essentially stops. 

Most “in-shop” repairs will take “1 – 2 hours”. This means a bill of $30 or $60, plus parts if applicable.

I will estimate the time each project will take, and we can agree on a price cap in advance.

If you require a lengthy repair done in your home, we can discuss alternatives. I have been known to settle for 1-2 “hours” of pay and a pizza delivery. *grin*

For business repairs, I will work on multiple machines at the same time where it is practical. However, idle time is “on the clock” with the exception of tasks left running overnight. 

In the case of repairs or upgrades to a larger group of machines, I am open to discussing being paid by the piece.

I will ask you to approve or decline an extension if I need more time to finish.

If I determine that a repair is unlikely or impractical, I will discuss with you whether to quit or continue. 

There is no fee for holding your property while waiting for parts to arrive, but it may be considered abandoned if you do not pick it up within six weeks of leaving it with me. Abandoned property becomes a donation to my recycling program.

Parts and Supplies

When replacement parts are required, I can order parts for you, with advance payment.

Alternately, you may acquire the parts yourself, and contact me when you have them. If I feel the part is not suitable, I may decline to use it.

I have a collection of used and salvaged parts, and may be able to give or sell to you what you need at a reasonable price. See my Computer Store to browse my inventory.

Payment Methods

I take all payments in the form of either cash or PayPal (preferred). 

By clicking the “Pay Now” button below, you will be taken to my PayPal Standard Merchant page where you can send me instant payments and tips. 

PayPal is a secure and convenient way to transfer money from your credit card, debit card or bank account to pay for goods and services. This works just like any other purchase over the Internet. You will see a charge on your card, and I receive a direct deposit. We are both provided with printable receipts by email. PayPal does not charge you any transaction fees. I do not receive your personal financial information. What I get is your name, payment amount, email, and any note you attached. You do not need a PayPal membership to transfer funds to me when you pay by credit/debit card.

Click HERE for more information on how PayPal works for us.