Building, repairing and upgrading PC desktops and laptops, untangling software issues, installing home networking, and more for the home and small office. Prompt, professional and confidential.

  • Windows desktops and laptops
  • Tune-ups, cleaning and maintenance
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • System upgrades and document transfers
  • Data recovery and file undeletion
  • Recover lost passwords
  • Networks, routers and WiFi

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I’ve lived in Dawson Neighborhood since 2004, and service and repair neighbor’s PCs from my home, with multiple repeat customers. I can plan, coordinate and perform virtually any computer or networking project for homes, home offices and businesses large and small. I will be your dependable, honest, down to earth “tech guy” and explain what’s going on in plain language.

At this time, I only service Windows computers. If you have a Mac, I would be glad to refer you to a talented associate.

Need something done which you don’t see here? Don’t hesitate to call me. Let’s turn your proposal into a project!

Summary of Services:

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • New Computer Set-up
  • File Transfer to New Computer
  • Privacy and Security Enhancement
  • Data Backups
  • File Corruption and Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Testing, Replacement and Upgrades
  • Memory Testing, Replacement and Upgrades
  • Internal Cards, Mainboard Installation and Replacement
  • Power Supplies
  • External Peripherals Installation
  • Unpacking and Setting Up New PC
  • Troubleshooting Internet Problems
  • Remote Assistance
  • Computer Tune-Ups
  • Recover Lost Passwords
  • Upgrade BIOS
  • Cleanup Dust and Spills
  • Networking and WiFi
  • Cabling and Jack Installation
  • Photos and Paperwork Scanning

Virus and Spyware Removal

I’ll use a variety of programs to find and remove rootkits, spyware, viruses, trojans, and other “malware”. If you do not have an antivirus program, or the license to your old one has expired, I can install free software that works just as well.

The truth is that malware removal is not always possible, and it’s only possible to scan for malware that has already been discovered by the antivirus community. I highly recommend also backing up your Windows profile, including documents, browser favorites, email and email contacts. Then, I’ll reformat your hard drive, reinstall Windows, your applications, and restore your profile again.

Most importantly, I will provide consultation to try and discover how malware becomes installed on your computer, and we will explore additional solutions to prevent it in the future.

Privacy and Security Enhancement

To protect your private documents and personal details, I will install whole-disk encryption software which prompts for a password whenever you turn the PC on. Thieves will still be able to reformat your hard drive, and reinstall Windows, but until they do, they will be unable to boot it up. Without your boot password, or the kind of resources that the NSA has, no-one will ever be able to acquire any files or file names from your hard drive. A custom message can be printed on the boot-up screen so that honest folks can contact you to return it, in the event it is lost.

Disk freezing is another tool useful for folks who just can’t seem to shake malware for long, or share the PC with others who may be installing unwanted programs. Once you have your PC set up the way you like it, and all of the applications you need are installed, “freezing” software will take a snapshot which will be restored each time the PC is rebooted. Any changes made since the last time it was booted up will be gone. Some disadvantages are that you will need to store your personal documents on an external disk or thumb drive, and the PC must be temporarily “unfrozen” if you need to permanently install a new application or update/remove an old one. This includes Windows and application updates. You will need to use web mail, because you will no longer be able to permanently store mail, contacts (or browser favorites) on the hard drive.

I do not install “nanny” software, which blocks controversial web pages, records keystrokes or other activity, or secretly takes snapshots of the screen.

Backups and Profile Migration

I can perform complete or incremental backups of your Windows profile, documents, email, contacts and browser favorites for safekeeping. These backups can be burned onto CDR for you, or stored on other media you provide, like an external disk or thumb drive. In the event you need your documents and profile copied from an old computer to a new one, I can use this kind of backup to recreate most of your working environment there. This saves hours of tweaking and adjustments, but does not cover every possible detail. I can also take a snapshot of your entire hard drive, which can be used to rapidly re-image it. This kind of backup may be used if you are replacing or upgrading your hard drive, and will not be having Windows reinstalled. This is also sometimes called “cloning” a hard drive.

File Corruption and Data Recovery

Many boot failures and file loading issues can be corrected using repair software. Since data corruption is usually due to malware or failing hardware, this service is primarily useful, as a last resort, for recovering important documents. The fix may prove to be permanent, but replacement parts are likely to be recommended. I may also be of service recovering documents which were accidentally deleted.


– Most repairs are guaranteed for 60 days. I will repeat repairs or perform advanced repairs free of charge during this period.

– If repairs are unsuccessful, you will be charged only for parts, if any, and the first hour of service.

– Parts acquired for the repair are guaranteed by the merchants or manufacturers. Used parts purchased from me are guaranteed for 60 days. If a part which I sold you fails, I will replace it with the same or equivalent part, and perform necessary labor free of charge.

– Data corruption and malware repairs are not guaranteed.